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Wonderful nursery rhymes and sayings kept for the next generation

I have benefited so much by writing these books and my website gives me the opportunity to give something back.

They are all set to music, some original compositions and some traditional, so that you may play and sing along with the family!

These nursery rhymes and sayings should be treasured and preserved before they are forgotten in our everyday conversations. 

They're all written in C major - easy for kids and those young-at-heart to play because the melodies are simple and fun.

Rose Premjee


Music Communicator

Guitar Lessons

Perfect music teaching aid

These melodies are a wonderful teaching aid, perfect for music teachers to teach beginners. 

The sheet music is printed on a large, easy-to-see staff and has been transcribed in the key of C.

Great gift for musical kids

Wondering what gift you can give your young musician? How about these beaut books! A great gift for birthday or any time.

Music Class
Playing Music for Baby

A talking point between generations

Don't let the past fade away. Your grandchildren will love listening to these funny Nursery Rhymes and memorable Sayings and their meanings. It's a great way to communicate the words of your time and engender a greater understanding between young and old.



Image by Isaac Quesada

I found that A Collection of Nursery Rhymes allowed me to connect with my granddaughter and give her the gift of my history and my times.

Frankie Bolder

Professional Man

I'm a music teacher and I have been looking for some new, fun easy to play scores for some time. A collections of Nursery Rhymes is easy and does not scare the kids. It's a great way to teach my students. 

Quinn Davis

Working Mom

I discovered A Collection of Nursery Rhymes during one of the lockdowns. It was a great way to amuse my kids and they are still singing the little tunes!

Sandy Williams

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